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Price on request with delivery available

Brand New EXT2400 Super Roller galvanized boat trailer.


Designed and manufactured in the UK.


Suitable hard boats up to 21" and ribs up to 7 metres


With a trailer weight of 550kg this trailer can support a boat weight of up 1850kg.


Standard features include:


  • Heavy duty frame double ladder

  • Al-Ko coupling with lockable hitch

  • Al-Ko axles with waterproof sealed bearings

  • 32 nylon non marking wobble rollers

  • 3 Keel rollers

  • 2 swinging arms

  • Heavy duty height adjustable winch post

  • 165R13C wheels

  • 48mm serrated jockey wheel

  • 2500lb Dutton Lainson winch

  • Lightboard on extendable lightboard bars.


Everything on this trailer is adjustable, so it can fit most hull shapes.


Overall length: 7.00m

Overall width: 2.37m



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