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Ribs and Inflatables
Used Rigid Inflatable Boats 

View our portfolio of used Rigid Inflatable RIBS, GRP boats and Inflatables for sale.



Outboard stratford
Used Outboards 

Quality used two stroke and four stroke outboards available. 



Stratford Boat trailer
New Boat Trailers

More than 25 different models available, these trailers are high quality British made fully type approved Extreme roller and bunk trailers from 300kg to 3500kg. 

Stratford Outboard
Cash or part exchange for your outboard, RIB or trailer 

We are always looking for quality brand RIBs & outboards in good condition to purchase and we will always consider a part exchange against a RIB, inflatable, outboard or trailer. Please contact us with details of your item for sale.



Ribs and Inflatables
Photo Gallery

Thousands of photos of our quality used ribs. Please contact us for availabilty for any of our ribs or if you would like us to find something similar to suit your requirements. 



Stratford rigid inflatable boat
Rigid Inflatable Boat Bespoke Finding Service

We offer a bespoke finding service for quality used Rigid inflatable packages, inflatables and outboards. Can't find an 8 man Hypalon RIB with a four stroke outboard? Register your details here and we'll contact you when your RIB becomes available.






About Us


We buy and sell good quality, well known brands of Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs) and inflatables and recognise that quality brand new packages can be prohibitively expensive. 

Buying new can often mean a significant compromise in the size or type of craft to suit your budget and needs.

We offer those packages in exceptional used condition at a fraction of the new price.

We also offer a bespoke finding service creating the ideal package to suit your needs, a used RIB or inflatable with an engine and trailer of your choice.

We can deliver your boat to you and will always consider a part exchange boat, engine or trailer.

We buy well maintained, quality brand RIBs in good condition and would be interested in yours. 

Please contact us to discuss your boat and to find out what we have in stock or coming in soon.

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